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  • HOURS:- Tuesday: 10-5, Wednesday- Friday: 10-8, Saturday: 11-5, Sunday: CLOSED, Monday: CLOSED
    *Office hours may sometimes vary depending on covid regulations & scheduled appointments.
  • It is recommended that you have already been seen by your OB/GYN. If you are 22+ weeks and have not been seen by your doctor to establish a healthy pregnancy, we will be unable to see you.
  • BOOKING:- Appointments can be booked up to approximately 60 days out. A card is required to reserve an appointment, but payment is not due until you arrive.
    Appointments may be booked online at sneakpeek3d.com. Same-day appointments may not always be available, therefore It is important to book ahead of time!
    Arriving late will either take away from your session time or result in a reschedule with a $20 late cancellation fee.
  • RESCHEDULE/CANCELLATIONS:- PLEASE be sure to change or cancel all appointments AT LEAST 3 hours in advance. Last minute cancellations of less than 3 hours will be subject to a $20 Cancellation Fee. You can cancel/reschedule your appointment from your confirmation email or by calling our office.
    Multiple cancellations/reschedules will need to prepay for their next appointment to remain on the schedule. This is nonrefundable.
    *If you arrive late or unprepared, and we are unable to see you, a cancellation charge of $20 will be applied to the card on file for missing your appointment.
  • NO-SHOWS:- If you are going to miss your appointment or be late, Kindly give us a call. No-Shows will be marked 10 minutes after your appointment start time and WILL be charged a $20 Fee. This fee must be paid before another appointment is accepted. No shows are excluded from our Heartbeat/Weight session & any specials or promotions at Sneak Peek 3D.  Once you have returned for a regular session, you will be removed from the No-show list and will be eligible for specials again. MULTIPLE No-shows will no longer be able to book an appointment at Sneak Peek 3D. *As a courtesy, appointment reminders are sent out the day before to the email and phone provided upon booking.
    Free returns, Giveaways, Pre-paid sessions, and Watch me Grow visits will be forfeited in the event of a No-show.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER:- If your appointment time falls during bad weather or bad weather is expected and you need to reschedule or cancel, please be sure to do so in advance. Sneak Peek 3D will be CLOSED in the event of a Level 3, Icy road conditions, or power outage.
    Your safety, as well as Baby’s, is important to us. Please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns!
    In the event that Sneak Peek 3D needs to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you will be notified as soon as possible by email/text, and your appointment will be moved to the next available time.
    Current specials will also be available for new appointment date.


  • Sneak Peek 3D does NOT offer refunds.
  • SESSIONS: We do offer one Free return visit should we feel better images can be obtained. Every body is different and images can depend on many factors. Please see WHAT TO EXPECT to help you decide when to visit. In the event that a refund is offered, a $20 sitting fee will be deducted PER VISIT.
    – Multi-Visit Packages must be used during same pregnancy and are not transferable. Please schedule your sessions with this in mind. It is the Customer’s responsibility to schedule these sessions as timing allows.
  • ITEMS/KEEPSAKES:  We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES: These are usually offered at a discounted price in which they cannot be returned. They can, however, be transferred.


  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Personal information pertaining to your visit will not be shared with anyone. All personal information is kept confidential & will be removed from photos/videos before being displayed on social media or used for any advertising purposes. Videos are not permitted in the ultrasound room unless otherwise authorized beforehand by Sonographer.
  • IMAGES/VIDEO: Not all file types may be supported by your software, player, etc.. Sneak Peek 3D does not guarantee the images and video given via CD, USB, or Email. Please be sure the player is compatible with the image/video files being played.
    Emailed Images/video may not contain ALL from the session, but an assortment picked from our technician.
  • We DO NOT allow recording of any type during your session
    It is distracting to the tech and the session will be terminated. This is a unique and memorable experience, and we’d like you to be in the moment. We do offer prints, USB, Emailed Images and video, as well as Live sessions (COMING SOON) for purchase. Thank you for understanding!
  • Sneak Peek 3D is not required to store images and video at our office for any specific amount of time.
    Every few months, Sneak Peek 3D will offer one last chance to purchase any additional prints, color prints, USB, or images/video before being deleted in our system. These must be paid for prior by stopping in and paying cash, or by phone, and must be picked up at your earliest convenience.


  • ONE free return visit will be given if gender is unable to be determined or 3D images cannot be obtained at your visit. Gender determination is offered starting at 15+ weeks, therefore, any visits before 15 weeks will result in a reschedule or cancellation without refund.
  • If you previously came in for a Gender session (15+ weeks only) and gender is later determined wrong, you will be offered a Full 3D/4D Sneak Peek Session at NO COST! (with proof of ultrasound from doctors office, labeled with customer name and date on image)
  • Redos must be scheduled (no more than 2 weeks out) before leaving.
    Free REDO sessions are performed Tues-Friday only. Should baby not cooperate AGAIN, we may offer you a Redox2 ($30 session) at the discretion of the tech on staff.
  • Free return visits will be forfeited in the event of cancellation or No-Show.
  • Redo visits are offered to PAID sessions only. Additional time cannot be added to these sessions.
  • Customers who visit too early (before 7 weeks) will not receive a return visit or refund. Please make sure you are AT LEAST 7 weeks by estimated due date.


  • If a heartbeat animal has been purchased and recorded previously by Sneak Peek 3D and becomes erased or modified, we will redo the recording once at no additional cost during the same pregnancy. Just show us your receipt!
  • You may not bring in your own animal
  • FREE Heartbeat Animal coupons can be used for our selection of small heartbeat animals, while supplies last.
    *Only one Heartbeat animal coupon may be used per person/per pregnancy.
  • If a session is not purchased, a $10 recording fee will be applied.
  • Sneak Peek 3D is not responsible for any lost or damaged animals. Have a certain theme or request for an animal? Ask us if we can get it for you!


  • Gift Cards purchased in store or online come with no expiration and may be used anytime, by anyone, during any pregnancy!

  • EGift cards cannot be used for promotional packages or Prepurchase deals. They can be used for Regular packages or MidWeek specials only.
    *Please note that our package prices do not include tax*

  • Paper gift certificates are offered for a specific package.
  • Gift Certificates are Non-refundable.  PLEASE contact us if you have any questions or concerns!
  • Sneak Peek 3D is not responsible for any lost or stolen gift cards/certificates.


  • Winners will need to arrange pickup of their items. Proof of I.D. required at pickup.
  • Sessions may be used anytime or gifted by sending us a message with Recipient’s information.
  • FREE sessions won have no monetary value
  • The Fee for multiples is not covered for free sessions


  • Military with proof of ID- 10% off session only
  • Facebook check in- 5% off session only. Must show receptionist check in before payment
  • Price Match– If you find a better deal than any of our regular packages, we will match the price as well as inclusions AND add HD. Matched price will not include any other offers or discounts offered by Sneak Peek. Price match must be within the area not to exceed 30 miles. Multi Visit packages not included.
  • Previous USB $5 off- If you are coming in for a session that includes a USB, but you bring in yours from a previous session (same pregnancy), you will receive $5 off!

    **Discounts are not valid with other offers, discounts, or towards Multi Visit packages as these are already at a discounted price**



Disclaimer: Every body is different and the image quality can vary depending on factors such as body habitus, amount and clarity of amniotic fluid, Placenta, and Baby's position. Not all images are alike or clear. While we try our best, certain factors are out of our control. Please keep this in mind when visiting.



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