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3D/4D/HD Ultrasounds &
Gender Determination

What to Expect

Before Your Visit

This is an elective , entertainment ultrasound, and it is recommended that you have already had an initial visit with your OB/GYN prior to your visit with us. You must be able to provide OB/Gyn information at the time of your visit. We do not offer any medical advice or diagnosis pertaining to your pregnancy! *If you are concerned about your pregnancy, please contact your physician!

STAY HYDRATED in the DAYS or WEEKS leading up to your appointment. Keeping up on your water intake helps to Increase AND clear up the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby! More fluid in front of baby’s face= clearer images! This is especially important for 3D/4D/HD Imaging!

See our list of FAQs should you have any additional questions!


3D Ultrasound

The Day of your visit

*Your scheduled appointment time is the START time- PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 10 MINUTES EARLY  to fill out paperwork. Arriving late without notice will minimize session time or result in a reschedule with a $20 late cancellation fee.

  • 7-12 Weeks: Drink approximately 24oz of fluid 1 HOUR BEFORE your session without using the restroom. A FULL BLADDER IS NECESSARY to help the technician obtain a clearer image of baby.
    Visiting earlier than 7 weeks, we do NOT offer a return if too early to see
  • 15-22 Weeks: For Gender Determination, you MUST be AT LEAST 15 Weeks. Visiting any earlier will result in a reschedule. This is important for accuracy as we WILL NOT determine gender unless we are for SURE! Sometimes certain factors such as baby’s position or the umbilical cord can hinder the ability to determine gender. If our tech cannot confidently determine gender, we offer 1 recheck at no additional charge.
    >> Gender Correct or a FREE Sneak Peek Session on us!
  • 22-28 Weeks: This can be a good time to see baby moving around, BUT can also be a little tricky. Features are a little more developed, but baby is still small. At this time, they do put arms/legs in front of their face more often and it can be more challenging  if they are still breech (butt down). Keep this in mind if planning a visit during this time frame as free returns may not be offered.
  • 30+ Weeks: {RECOMMENDED for 3D/4D/HD} This is a GREAT time to see baby’s facial features, smiles, yawns, etc, as well as seeing baby in HD! We also offer weight estimates and can check if baby has hair! If baby is not usually active during the time of your appointment, you may drink a juice or milk shake (if you do not have restrictions), or bring an Ice water to get baby moving!
2D/3D Stage Comparisons

After your visit

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Disclaimer: Every body is different and the image quality can vary depending on factors such as body habitus, amount and clarity of amniotic fluid, Placenta, and Baby's position. Not all images are alike or clear. While we try our best, certain factors are out of our control. Please keep this in mind when visiting.



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