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Sneak Peek 3D

3D/4D/HD Ultrasounds &
Gender Determination

Questions About what to choose?

All of our Packages include 2D, Heartbeat, & Gender upon request (15+ Weeks). The package you choose just depends on what inclusions you would like. Our Basic Gender package is focused mainly on determining gender with just a 3D peek. If you are looking to see baby more in 3D4D, we recommend choosing a bigger package as this requires more time and includes a RETURN if baby doesn’t cooperate! Keep in mind, we recommend best time to visit for 3D, 4D, & HD for facial features is 32+ weeks as baby is more developed, usually head down, and can best be visualized!
Please also see WHAT TO EXPECT and COVID GUIDELINES BEFORE your visit!




(7-39 Weeks)
Choose 1: Heartbeat, Position Check, OR Weight Estimate – Choose 1, without all the extras! 1 Machine Print included
*Not a full session*

2d ultrasound

2D Gummy Bear- $40

(7-39 Weeks) – 5 Min
This is a 2D session ONLY. GREAT for earlier on in your pregnancy when baby is too small for 3D, or you just want a peek 🙂
Comes with Machine Prints, Sheet

Basic Gender with 3D- $65

(15-22 Weeks) – 10 Min
Focused on Gender Determination with a  3D peek. Free return if baby does not cooperate for gender. Machine Prints, Collage, & Sheet


(15-39 Weeks) – 20 Min
2D/3D/4D/HD included!
See baby in more detail as
features are developing!
Includes USB, Machine Prints, Sheet Print, & Wallets
Bring your USB from a previous package – $5 Discount!

Hd ultrasound


(7-39 Weeks) – 15 Min
TWO Separate Sessions!
2D/3D/4D/HD Included
You decided WHEN you want to visit!
USB, Machine Prints, Color Collage per visit
Bring your USB from a previous package – $5 Discount!


(32+ Weeks recommended)
30 minute Session – 2D/3D/4D/HD
Heartbeat, Gender, Weight Estimate, Hair
This packages includes it ALL!
Black & White Prints/ USB, Picture Frame
Wallet Prints, Sheet Print, (4) 4×6, (1) 8×10

Have a USB from a previous session? (same pregnancy) – $5 Discount!

33 Weeks HD

Watch Me Grow

(7-39 Weeks)
See baby grow at all stages from the size of a blueberry to a watermelon!
Start this package ANY time in your pregnancy
10 Minutes- 2D/3D/4D/HD Included
Heartbeat, Gender (*Weight extra*)
Machine Prints, USB, Collage at each visit
Picture Frame & Heartbeat Animal

Sneak Peek 3D HD Ultrasound
Sneak Peek Specials

Find a better price?
We Will MATCH Competitor Pricing!


Record your Baby’s Heartbeat or a special message in one of our Adorable Stuffed Animals!
*Available Animals may vary from image*

Weight Estimate $10
4D/HD Live $10
(Not available for 2D session)

Emailed Images/Video $5
USB $15
CD (When available) $6
Extra 5 minutes $10/per 5 min
Extra Black & White Prints $10
Digital Announcement $5/4×6 print or email
Color Prints:
Collage, Wallet, or Sheet Print $3/ea
4×6 $1/ea
8×10 $5/ea
Print Packages also available

*Have a theme/animal in mind? If you are purchasing a session of $125+, you can request a specific animal and we will set it aside for you!

Heartbeat Animal $25-$30
Keepsake Box $2.99
Animal Tutu or Bow $5
Ultrasound Frames $5.99-$20
Confetti & Powder Cannons $12 or 2/$20
Gender Reveal Smoke Sticks $6.99 or 2/$10
Handheld Smoke Sticks $10
Gender Reveal Scratch Offs Sheet (9) $5
Photo Blocks $12.99
Belly Cast  $19.99
(seasonal) Pumpkins- $5 or Custom Ornaments  $9.99
Coffee Mugs & Glasses $9.99
Onesies, Hoodies, & T-shirts $12.99-$25.00

Disclaimer: Every body is different and the image quality can vary depending on factors such as body habitus, amount and clarity of amniotic fluid, Placenta, and Baby's position. Not all images are alike or clear. While we try our best, certain factors are out of our control. Please keep this in mind when visiting.



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