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3D/4D Ultrasounds &
Gender Determination at 15 Weeks

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We have a wide selection of Services to choose from that include 2D, 3D, 4D, Heartbeat, Gender Determination, and HD Live!. HD Live is the latest technology that gives baby a more realistic look– And we are one of the few studios in this area with this feature! Whether you are looking for yourself, a spouse, or a friend that is expecting, we have something for you. We also keep gift certificates handy in-store for perfect Baby shower or Holiday gifts!!

All sessions are done between 7-38 weeks and include Heartbeat

**All Evening (Mon-Fri 5-8pm) & Saturday Appointments require a $20 deposit to be paid by invoice or phone. Invoice will be sent via email following booking. Please be sure this is paid or the appointment WILL NOT be reserved**


Listen to your heart - $10

7+ Weeks
::Walk- In Only::
This package is perfect for hearing or recording baby’s
heartbeat in one our stuffed animals!
*Heartbeat animal purchased separately
Gift Bag
*Add a Custom Announcement for just $5!

Gummy Bear - $39

7+ Weeks (Great package for early visualization!)
10min 2D Session
Heartbeat & Measurements!
Black & White Printed images
Gift Bag
*Add a Custom Announcement for just $5!
*NO gender determination

2D Gender Determination - $60

15+ Weeks
10min Session
Gender determination & Heartbeat
Black & White Printed images/ DVD
Gift Bag
*Add a Custom Announcement for just $5!


20min Ultrasound Session
HD Live
Listen to Heartbeat
Black & White Printed images/ DVD
Gift Bag
*No Gender Determination

3D Gender Determination - $75

15+ Weeks
15min Session
Gender determination & Heartbeat
Black & White Printed images/ DVD
Gift Bag
*Add a Custom Announcement for just $5!


TWO- separate 15 minute sessions
HD Live
Listen to Heartbeat
Black & White Printed images/ USB
Gift Bag
You choose when you’d like to come in!!
*Gender determination included upon request


30min 2D/3D/4D Session
HD Live
Heartbeat, Weight Estimate
See if baby has hair!
Printed images & USB
Ultrasound frame keepsake
Gift Bag
*Gender upon request

Ultrasound Specials

Maternity Package - $300

FOUR visits!! (a $385 Value!)

Our maternity package is a great “mother to be” package and makes the PERFECT gift! This includes all of your visits to come in and watch your baby grow in 2D, 3D, and 4D with keepsakes you will cherish for years to come.

The package includes ALL of the following:
“Gummy Bear” session @ 7+ weeks
“Gender determination” @ 15+ weeks
“HD LIVE” Package @ 22+ weeks
“Sneak Peek Session” @ 30+ weeks
All sessions include 2D/3D/4D & HD Live!
See if baby has hair and how much they weigh now!
Custom Digital Announcement sent to your email after 1st Visit!
Printed images at EACH visit!
USB of ALL Images & Recordings!
Ultrasound Frame, Large Heartbeat Animal


HD Live- $15      Weight Estimate- $10      Double Prints- $12
Emailed Images- $7    Digital Announcement- $5
DVD $15     USB $20
(Can be used for multiple visits!)

All Heartbeat Animals: $25
*recording included with package purchase*
Accessory – $2/ea     Autism Outfit – $5    Military Outfit – $5
Recordable Gender Reveal Frame: $20
Gender Reveal Heartbeat Bear w/ box: $30
Confetti Poppers: $3/each
Gender Smoke $2.50/ea
Confetti Cannons:
Powder Cannons: $12/each
Gender Reveal Balloon: $10 (Includes confetti. We can inflate in store!)
Gender Reveal Scratch Offs: $2/each
Ultrasound Picture Frames: $12.50
Photo Blocks: $14.99
Handmade Nursing Covers:
Onesies: $20 ($15 with package purchase)
Sneak Peek 3D T-Shirt: $20
Sneak Peek Hoodie: $30


Heartbeat animal

***Prices do not include tax***
***Add $25 for multiples/per visit***
***1 FREE RETURN visit if gender is undetermined at 15+ wks***
***10% off any additional packages!!***


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