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3D/4D Ultrasounds &
Gender Determination at 15 Weeks

Frequently asked questions about Prenatal Ultrasounds

What is the difference between a 3D & 4D Ultrasound?
  • 3D Ultrasounds are a good way to see your baby’s facial features in more detail and dimension rather than the 2D, flat, black & white.
  • 4D is Live Movement and gives you the opportunity to see your baby in action and capture facial expressions such as smiling, yawning, etc.
What is HD LIVE?
  • HD Live is the latest technology in 3D/4D ultrasounds. HD Live provides a movable light source within the camera and brings more anatomical realism to your images. This can give you an even better vision of what your baby will look like when they arrive with more of a skin tone rather than the yellowish tint of the 3D!
Is Ultrasound safe for me & my baby?
  • Ultrasound has been used for decades in pregnancies. Ultrasound does not use any harmful dyes or radiation, only sound waves. It is considered safe with very low risk and no known harmful effects have been proven.
Is this appointment covered by my insurance?
  • No. Because this is a Non-Diagnostic, elective ultrasound, insurance does not cover them. We accept cash and all major credit cards.
When is a good time to come in and see my baby?

It really depends on how far along in your pregnancy you are, and what you, personally, would like to visualize!

  • 7+ Weeks – Baby is about the size of a blueberry. This is a good time to come in and listen to the heartbeat and see your baby for possibly the first time! He/she is very tiny and just starting to grow little limb buds.
  • 15+ Weeks – About the size of an orange, baby is still very thin, but you can visualize the entire baby with 3D imaging and start to see baby’s developing facial features! Also a good time to capture all of that movement and find out the gender!
  • 26-28 Weeks – About the size/length of a scallion, you can start to see facial features a little better and part of the body with the face in 3D images.
  • 30+ Weeks – About the size of a coconut, baby’s facial features are much more defined and this is a good time to see facial expressions such as smiling and yawning as baby has accumulated more fat on their body as well.
Will I get perfect images of my baby?
  • Many factors can determine the quality of the ultrasound images that you receive. Every body is different and images can depend on things such as the amount of amniotic fluid, body habitus, placental position, and fetal position. We do the best we can to make every experience unique and fun for the families! If we feel our images are not the best that can be achieved within your time frame, we may offer for you to return at another time at no additional cost.
    You can check for any special preparations for your appointment HERE
What if the Gender can’t be determined during my session?
  • If the gender cannot be determined during your session’s time frame, we may offer for you to come back at another time at NO additional cost (15+ weeks only). Visiting earlier will result in an additional charge.
Will you be able to determine the Gender more accurately with 3D?
  • No. It can actually be determined more accurately with 2D imaging. We offer Gender determination in both 2D and 3D as an option for the parents. Some just want to find out the gender in 2D with no extras (and that’s fine!). Others may prefer to see more detail with the 3D/4D. At 15+ weeks, the baby is still very thin, but 3D allows you to see your entire baby in just a little more detail. We include the 4D (live movement) with our 3D as well which is a great way to see those little legs and arms moving all over the place!
Can you see if baby has hair on the ultrasound?
  • Yes! Hair starts growing around 20+ weeks and can be visualized on the back of baby’s head!
Can I bring in Family & Friends for my Ultrasound?
  • Absolutely! In the ultrasound room, we have seating to accommodate approximately 6 adults and 4 children. More are welcome if they do not mind standing. Or our back room can also seat about 8-10 adults and has a projector screen for viewing.
Do I need to make an appointment?
  • Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are preferred. Scheduled appointments will be seen first and our evening and weekend office hours vary depending on scheduled appointments. It is a good idea to either book online or call ahead of time. Please also call for same day appointments!
Do you offer discounts?
  • We have great deals at Sneak Peek 3D all the time! Aside from our daily specials, we offer Mid-Week deals on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays
  • 10% off for all Active Military Moms or Dads with proof of ID
  • Return customers receive 10% off all additional sessions
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